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Specializing in underwater search & recovery equipment at competitive prices.

At Sea-View Diving, we have everything you need for your next nautical adventure or search & recovery (SAR), such as side scan sonar, underwater drop video cameras, metal detectors, underwater camera housings, underwater video housings, underwater lights and magnetometers. Everything for underwater search and recovery and underwater filming.


newBigBlue VL15000P “Chubby”-
15,000 lumens


Hi Def Industrial Color


Metal Detectors

Underwater Search Equipment

We offer a variety underwater search equipment and gear. If you’re looking for underwater search & recovery equipment, you’ll be pleased to find many items to fill your gear bag.

Hydrographic surveyors will want to access our Sonar & Cameras departments to view supplies like the amazing and affordable Imagenex Sporstscan Side Scan Sonar and Yellowfin Side Scan Sonar. We also have other useful other tools for underwater surveying.


Underwater Video Cameras, Housings & Lights


Imagenex Sportscan
Side Scan Sonar


Video & Camera Housings


newShark Marine
Fiber Optic Hi Definition
U/WVideo System


Deep Sea Systems Int’l.
Fiber Optic High Definition
Ocean ProHD

Researchers and shipwreck hunters will be impressed with our selection of high tech search instruments like, Side Scan Sonars, and underwater metal detectors. We also have a special area for Underwater Video Cameras and Underwater Lights.

Utilize an underwater video camera for fishing or diving purposes, or as a supplemental piece of equipment used for ice fishing. Underwater Video has never been easier to manage or as exciting to capture. Depending on your needs or budget we have what you need. Our cameras can be used for sport fishing, treasure hunting, marine research, marine construction and recreational viewing.

Sea-View has a complete line of drop type underwater cameras, underwater video cameras, infrared cameras, diver camera handhelds, and remotely operated vehicles (ROV) cameras that are used in many different underwater applications.

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Shipwreck enthusiasts can dive into our vast array of books and videos in our library. Here you will find a wealth of information to enrich the nautical mind. From lighthouses to underwater archaeology, there is something for marine historians and nautical enthusiasts alike. We even have a special section for libraries and schools.