Shark Marine Cable Reels
Model # CR-1124SVD & CR-1924SVD
These reels will handle cables for small ROVs, camera systems, sonar equipment as well as many other applications. They are available in two drum sizes (11″ x 24″ and 19″ x 24″ both with 11 inch cores).
Options included, power or manual drive, level wind, lifting bar, and an encoder for metering the cable payout.

  • Strong, durable
  • light weight
  • Corrosion resistant materials
  • Power driven
  • Variable speed
  • Bi-directional
  • low cost
  • standard 12 contacts slip-ring
  • Remote hand control
  • Level wind
  • Cable encoder and display with optional RS232 o/p
  • 25' deck cable
  • tie-down bars
  • same cable can be used with or without the reel system
  • base unit 23 kgs.
  • easy change of cables
  CR-1124 CR-1924
Reel Size 29.2cm/11.5inch 48.25cm /19inch
Height without handle 64.75cm /25.5 inches 64.75cm /25.5 inches
Height with handle 82.5cm 32.5 inches) 82.5cm /32.5 inches
Width 58.4cm (23 inches) 75cm /29.5 inches
Length 87.6cm (34.5 inches) without drive 90.17cm (35.5 inches) with drive 87.6cm /34.5 inches without drive 90.17cm/35.5 inches with drive
Weight 22.25kg(49 lbs) empty no drive motor 36kg (79 lbs) empty with drive motor 24.5kg /54 lbs empty no drive motor 38kg/84 lbs empty with drive motor
Drive Speed Maximum 73m/min(240ft/min)..........Minimum 3.5m/min(12ft/min)
Bollard Pull Max 45.3kg (100lbs) (Adjustable)
Motor Drive: Weather resistant 120vac, ½ hp DC motor, with variable speed & dual directional hand control. Drive Speed Maximum (240ft/min),Minimum (12ft/min) Minimum power required 450w 120 vac.
Level Wind: Manages the cable during input and output to ensure an even wind on the reel.
Cable Encoder: Tracks the cable output and displays it on the controller or optional RS-232 output to computer.
Optional Deck Cable/hand controller pouch.
Core Size: Sonar .320" Camera .400" Barracuda .550" SeaWolf .830"
24"x10"x11" core 2500 ft. 1500 ft. 500 ft. 250 ft.
24"x19"x11" core 5000 ft. 3000 ft. 1500 ft. 500 ft.

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