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Imagenex Side Scan Sonar & Shark Marine Reel Systems
The Sea-View Diving line up of commercial side scan sonar equipment brings you the best of these products at exceptional prices.  Imagenex helped pioneer modern imaging sonar technology, and have continued to lead the way, pushing the performance boundaries of high resolution side scan sonar units.  With continuous technological advancements, software and hardware compatibility, portability and overall ease of use, IMAGENEX sidescan sonar systems set the industry standard as the most specified side scan sonar systems world wide.  Shark Marine produces many accessories for side scan sonar units.  The latest useful tool is the Self Contained Cable Management System.
Sportscan Side Scan Sonar
"Sportscan" Side Scan Sonar

Depth Rated to 30m
The new SportScan sidescan sonar system is a truly remarkable breakthrough in price/performance for side scan tow fishes.  This totally digital, full-featured system is complete and ready for connection to a host PC computer (including software), all for 1/10th the cost of other side scan sonars!
Yellowfin Side Scan Sonar
"Yellowfin" Side Scan Sonar

Depth Rated to 300m
The Imagenex Model 872 "YellowFin" is a full-featured dual channel, high-resolution, sidescan sonar.  Yellowfin is an affordable, user friendly system that incorporates a high speed Ethernet connection to your Windows™ based laptop or desktop PC.
Self Contained Sonar Cable Reels
Self Contained
Reel Systems

A containerized tether management system, easily handles up to 1000 meters (3000 ft) of cable in a ship-able package.  Now you can have a high resolution 3 frequency sidescan sonar in a easy to manage and transport system.

Sportscan Sidescan Sonar

The SportScan sidescan sonar is designed from top to bottom for ease of deployment and use.  A highly advanced Kevlar™ reinforced towfish cable (included with the standard unit) is light enough to eliminate the need for a winch.  The sidescan towfish operates from a standard 12 Volt DC power supply or boat's battery, and the RS-232 connector plugs directly from the Kevlar™ towfish cable into the back of a PC computer or laptop.  Simply load the towfish body with as much ballast weight as desired, lower the towfish over the side of the boat by hand, and start towing.  Beautifully sharp, high definition images of the sea-floor immediately roll onto the computer screen!  Coral reefs, rock outcroppings, and submerged shipwrecks show up clearly as the towfish goes by.

Yellowfin Side Scan Sonar

Integrated power and an optional differential-ready GPS receiver complete this fantastic system.  Zoom windows are available for target investigation without interrupting real-time data acquisition.  Data is displayed in real-time, with or without speed correction, in 9 user selectable colour tables. 

Self Contained Reel System

Other options include level wind, remote operation, and automatic layback calculations.  GPS position is that of the towfish instead of the vessel.
The Contained Cable Reel is designed for easy handling and storage of smaller diameter cables.  It’s an all-in-one tethering solution for camera systems, scientific instruments, sonar equipment and many other applications.  The easily transportable unit includes a 1 Hp bidirectional variable speed drive with a maximum speed of  1 m/s, a variable gearing level wind system, slipring and a built in encoder with shive for monitoring the cable payout.




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