Drop Video Cameras

The Sea-View Diving line up of commercial underwater video cameras, underwater video housings, underwater video lights, underwater camera housing, underwater strobes & flashes bring you the best of these products at exceptional prices. We offer several different models of underwater video cameras, video housings, underwater camera housings, underwater video lights and underwater strobes & flashes for you to choose from. Depending on your needs or budget, we have what you need. Some underwater video camera and underwater camera housing applications have specific accessories and/or techniques that you will want to know about before choosing a waterproof camera system that is right for you. Sea-View Diving has a complete line of drop type underwater video cameras, infrared cameras, diver handheld cameras, underwater video housings, underwater diver lights and remotely operated vehicles (ROV) cameras that are used in many different underwater applications.



Deep Sea Systems International (Oceaneering)
Deep Sea Systems International is an innovative, high technology company that brings decades of deep ocean engineering experience to the design and manufacture of underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and ROV components including the Ocean ProHD camera system and LED lighting.

DSSI has successfully developed products and managed projects that have led the ROV industry into the future of deep ocean exploration.

Many of the expeditions and surveys that DSSI has organized and developed products for have been documented in National Geographic and Sea Technology magazines.

Ocean System Cameras
Ocean Systems manufactures a complete line of drop type underwater video cameras, infrared LED lighted cameras, and diver camera handhelds that are used in many different underwater applications. Ocean Systems underwater fishing camera provides the highest quality underwater video for the avid fishermen. Whether you want to utilize an underwater camera for fishing, diving, a boating accessory or ice fishing, underwater video has never been easier than with a Ocean Systems Underwater Video System. These cameras are designed for maximum performance in many different settings

Utilize an underwater video camera for fishing or diving purposes, or as a supplemental piece of equipment used for ice fishing. Underwater Video has never been easier to manage or as exciting to capture. Depending on your needs or budget we have what you need. These underwater cameras can be used for sport fishing, treasure hunting, marine research and recreational viewing.

Shark Marine Cameras
Shark Marine was founded in 1984 and it’s mandate has been to offer products and services that are innovative, high quality, dependable and cost effective. Shark Marine’s products have been used in gas and oil exploration, commercial diving, various governments, search and rescue, and survey firms, and has spread to include all continents. Their line up of quality underwater cameras are robust and designed for special adaptations for industry and serious shipwreck hunters. Shark Marine has underwater video systems for very low light conditions as well as very special applications such as the Hi-Res 3D Colour underwater video camera.

The 2″ diameter SV-14IR Infrared camera is excellent for inspections in tight areas such as pipelines, or mounting on ROV manipulators for probing into tight areas or ROV rear cameras without having to add lights.

The SV-DSP-3D Hi-Res Colour 3D is so close to being there that we call it “remote reality”.
“with the SV-DSP-3D camera ROV mounted and a head mounted display it is so much like being there it is unbelievable”.
Sea-View Diving offers different helmet mounting options for cameras and lights. The SV-HB172 provides maximum protection from overhead impacts. To use this bracket handheld simply detach it from the helmet and add the hand-grip supplied.
These small robust camera and light mounts attach easily to the mounting screws of Superlite band masks or helmets.

JW Fishers Cameras
JW Fishers has specialized in the design and manufacture of reasonably priced, high tech underwater search equipment for over 30 years. JW Fisher manufacturers diver-held and boat-towed metal detectors, marine magnetometers, underwater camera systems, ROVs, and side scan sonar. The company offers a full line of underwater search products and stands behind every piece of equipment with a 2 year warranty. JW Fisher has underwater video cameras specially designed for towed operation as well as drop with a wide range of options available.

JW Fishers offers a complete line of underwater video systems including a mini-cameras for helmet mounting, diver-held cameras, underwater drop video cameras to view the bottom, towed cameras, and two Remote Operated Video (ROV) systems . Each is connected to the surface with an umbilical and capable of videotaping underwater objects.

  • Dropped video system for checking dive sites and searching small areas. A dropped video system that includes: 0.5 lux low light high resolution b&w camera, leak detector, two 100w lights, 150′ cable.
  • On the DHC1 built-in lighting system is operator selectable from from zero to 200 watts of underwater lighting. The diver handle is removable and the camera can be mounted to an underwater structure. Up to a 1,000 foot of cable sends the video picture to the surface.
  • A low cost mini video camera that sends it’s picture to the surface for viewing. Available with black & white or color cameras. An internal light ring is available which allows the camera to be deployed down a pipe or in very tight quarters.

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