JW Fisher Underwater Video Cameras

JW Fishers offers a complete line of underwater video systems including mini-cameras for helmet mounting, diver-held cameras, drop down cameras to view the bottom, towed cameras, and two Remote Operated Video (ROV) systems . Each is connected to the surface with an umbilical and capable of videotaping underwater objects.

DV 1 Drop Camera
DV2 Drop Video Camera

Dropped video system for checking dive sites and searching small areas. A dropped video system that includes: 0.5 lux low light high resolution b&w camera, leak detector, two 100w lights, 150′ cable.

DHC1 Hand Held Camera
DHC2 Hand Held Video Camera

On the DHC1 built-in lighting system is operator selectable from from zero to 200 watts of underwater lighting. The diver handle is removable and the camera can be mounted to an underwater structure. Up to a 1,000 foot of cable sends the video picture to the surface.

MC 1 Mini Camera
MC2 Mini Video Camera

A low cost mini video camera that sends it’s picture to the surface for viewing. Available with black & white or color cameras. An internal light ring is available which allows the camera to be deployed down a pipe or in very tight quarters.

TOV-1 Towed Video
TOV2 Towed Video Camera System

The JW Fishers TOV-2 Towed Video system is a cost effective tool for performing large scale underwater search and video survey operations. The camera is mounted at a slight downward angle in the underwater housing allowing both straight ahead and downward viewing.

VRM-1 Video Recorder & Monitor

The VRM-1 is a video monitor with a built-in Digital Video Recorder (DVR). The display is ultra bright and high resolution. The VRM-1 was designed for use with JW Fishers video cameras but can also be used with other video equipment.

Utilize an underwater video camera for fishing or diving purposes, or as a supplemental piece of equipment used for ice fishing. Underwater Video has never been easier to manage or as exciting to capture. Depending on your needs or budget we have what you need. Our cameras can be used for sport fishing, treasure hunting, marine research and recreational viewing.
Sea-View Diving has a complete line of drop type underwater cameras, underwater video cameras, infrared cameras, diver camera handhelds, and remotely operated vehicles (ROV) cameras that are used in many different underwater applications.