Underwater Search Equipment

We offer a variety specialized underwater search supplies for the serious shipwreck explorer or hydrographic professional. If you are a commercial, technical or scientific researcher, Sea-View has the product for your underwater searching tasks.

Metal Detectors
Video Cameras & Housings
Other Sonar Devices
Side Scan Sonar
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Underwater Lighting

Researchers will be impressed with our selection of high tech search instruments like Side Scan Sonars, underwater metal detectors & magnetometers, drop video cameras and diver held Video and Still Camera Housings and underwater lighting.

Hydrographic surveyors will want to access our Sonar & Cameras departments to view supplies like the amazing and affordable Imagenex Sporstscan Side Scan Sonar and Yellowfin Side Scan Sonar. We also have other useful other tools for underwater surveying from a boat.

Search and Rescue (SeaSAR) System from Shark Marine
The system is called SeaSAR. Originally designed by Shark Marine Technologies Inc., for one of the largest search and recovery agencies in North America, SeaSAR is by far, the most all encompassing software and topside controller, commercially available.

Magnetometers are to detect archeological sites, shipwrecks and other buried or submerged objects. To survey a large area a towable magnetometer is used such as the SDM-4000 Digital Magnetometer or the JW Fisher Proton 4. In researching more localized areas hand held magnetometers or metal detectors are very useful. Sea-View Diving has a great selection of high quality metal detectors by Shark Marine and JW Fisher.

Side Scan Sonar
Imagenex helped pioneer modern imaging sonar technology, and have continued to lead the way, pushing the performance boundaries of high resolution side scan sonar units. With continuous technological advancements, software and hardware compatibility, portability and overall ease of use, IMAGENEX sidescan sonar systems set the industry standard as the most specified side scan sonar systems world wide. Shark Marine produces many accessories for side scan sonar units.

Underwater Drop Video Cameras
The Sea-View Diving line up of commercial underwater video cameras bring you the best of these products at exceptional prices. We offer several different models of underwater video cameras for you to choose from. Depending on your needs or budget we have what you need. Some underwater video camera applications have specific accessories and/or techniques that you will want to know about before choosing a waterproof camera system that is right for you.

Underwater Handheld Video & Still Camera Housings
We also have several manufacturers of underwater housings for video and still cameras such as Amphibico, Ikelite, Light & Motion and Sea & Sea.