Shark Marine Extreme Low Light B&W Camera
Model # SV-L0003SVD


Extreme Low Light B&W Video Camera


Shark Marine Technologies Inc. has more than 25 years of experience developing and manufacturing under water cameras. When working in very dark conditions, even in hundreds of feet of water there is an alternative to using lights. Lights produce backscatter from the particulate and biological life in the water. Close in lights work great, but if you need to see in the distance or over a greater area the lights produce what we call “snow”, white dots that obscure the distance. Extreme low light cameras such as the SV-LL0003 can utilize the full maximum visibility even in extremely dark conditions.

Incredible new digital camera processing CCD chipset provides a phenomenal 0.0003 lux. This B/W low light camera will see in virtual darkness with a razor sharp resolution of 600 lines.  Its built-in 1/60-1/100,000 second electronic shutter ensures great video in any lighting condition.  With housings machined from delrin and stainless steel hardware, corrosion is no longer the major factor that it was with aluminum housings.

The SV-14R2SVD works along with the Shark Marine SV-VLC1 topside video controller pictured here.  To put the basic SV-14R2SVD system together you will need this controller along with which ever length of cable suits your application.  Other optional add-ons are available for your state of the art SV-14R2SVD Drop Video System as shown below.

            SV-VLC1 w text     +cable_w text

Camera Specifications:

Type: Low light B&W
Image Sensor: 1/4″ B&W Sony super HAD CCD
Picture Elements: 411,988 pixels
Scanning System: 525 Lines Interlaced NTSC  (PAL optional)
Resolution: 600 TV Lines
Minimum Illumination: 0.0003 lux
Video Output: Composite 1V P-P – 75 Ohm Unbalanced / Internal Sync
Shutter: 1/60 – 1/100,000 Automatic
Lens: 3.7mm fixed
Field of View (FOV): 86 degrees
Power Requirements: 12 VDC (standard) 15 VDC to 40 VDC (optional)
Power consumption: 120 mA
Dimensions: 1.875″ diameter x 5.875″ long (4.8cm dia. x 15cm long)
Weight: .3 lb (136 grams)
Depth: Rating 2000 foot – 600 meter standard deeper ratings optional

Click Here: to email us for a quote or call us at 519-754-3513.  Be sure to include how much cable you require and any of the optional add-ons please. 



Towing Cable Clamp

Aurora 4 LED Light
Digital Surface Recording Console
Contained Cable Reel
Towable Kit
Camera Tow Sled
Helmet Mount Brackets

Video Overlay Unit
 bothreels2Cable Reels
pistolCamera & Light Pistol Grip Pole-Mount-Brackets
Pole Mount Brackets
Text Only Video Overlay
GPS Overlay
Camera & Lights Cage
Towed Camera System
Shark Eye
sv-bm1 Bottom Mount SV-VLC2Video/Light Console

Click Here: to email us for a quote or call us at 519-754-3513.  Be sure to include how much cable you require and any of the optional add-ons please. 

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